Marin Housing Authority’s public housing in Marin City, known as Golden Gate Village, has been neglected by the Authority and has accumulated up to $90 million worth of deferred maintenance.  This amount has increased six fold since 2015.  This negligence CANNOT be ignored and the County’s solution is to take this opportunity to renovate the housing by bringing in a private developer to increase the density and make the housing available for mixed incomes.  GGV is the only public housing in our county with a focus on families; it also houses 3/4 of Marin’s Black residents. The County’s plan is NOT in the best interest of the residents. It will create more gentrification and displacement, only increasing Marin’s inadequacies in diversity and its blinding racial inequality.
The GGV Resident Council has been waving red flags for many years to the County about the negligence of the Marin Housing Authority with little to no response. They have created their own plan for improving the living conditions of the 296 units and nearly 700 residents. Their plan includes green energy upgrades and turning GGV into a community land trust, going the residents ownership and self-determination over the historic and close-knit community.
Residents and supporters of this plan ask that the County stop hiding behind outdated reasons that the Residents’ Plan CAN’T  work, and instead use the innovation within their reach to find ways in which it WILL work!  Marin County has an opportunity to take a bold step in living up to its liberal image; the Supervisors have an opportunity  to show us that community input will be heard, and their decision could make great strides toward positive changes for the most vulnerable in Marin. Let’s encourage them to make a statement that Black lives matter and that
Marin City matters.
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