Community members in the Canal have decided to boycott the TRUTH Act Forum that the county is holding on December 1. ICE Out of Marin will follow suit in solidarity, and we will not be promoting the event or supporting it.   We will not participate in a process or event which results in no accountability.  

Latinos Unidos de Marin (LUMA) members showed up in large numbers at the 2019 TRUTH Act Forum, but have chosen to sit this one out.  A LUMA representative said:  “LUMA had their meeting last night and decided not to participate in the Truth Act Forum. They stated that neglecting the planning meeting, disrespecting the community participation, was a clear message of how the Board of Supervisors treats community members, and they don’t want to be a rubber stamp for them. They do not believe their voices will be heard or their demands will be met.”

At the 2019 TRUTH Act Forum, community members (many from LUMA) spoke their truth to power, often in Spanish, demanding that the Sheriff stop all cooperation with ICE.  The Sheriff continues to cooperate with ICE and the Supervisors continue to hear community stories and offer limp responses.  It takes a great deal of courage for an undocumented immigrant to stand close to the Sheriff in a public setting and speak out against his policies.  The community’s testimony was presented with full trust that it would matter, that their stories would matter.   Clearly, they do not. 

BOYCOTT THE FORUM   We have written this letter to the Supervisors explaining our position, and are asking for groups to sign on in solidarity.   To sign on, please fill out the short form for your organization here by the end of day Sunday, November 29th.  We will be presenting the letter to the Supervisors Monday morning.