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During the county budget hearings, on June 24th, Supervisor Rodoni stated that he was “asking county counsel to come back to the board with an ordinance that establishes Marin as a sanctuary county with the maximum protections allowed under the law for our residents and to do that within the next 60 days.”

More than 60 days have passed, and instead of an ordinance, the Board is proposing a toothless, gaslighting resolution. This is what we were afraid of. 

ICE Out of Marin rejects the proposed resolution by the BOS.  

While we obviously support all thoughts and words in support of the immigrant community, it is clear from the Board of Supervisors’ two previous resolutions that good words do not bring good actions.  If the Board of Supervisors is sincere in supporting the immigrant community, it must reject this resolution and offer an ordinance regardless of the challenges of enforcement.

We reject this so-called “Sanctuary Resolution” which does nothing to respond to community concerns and instead commends Sheriff Doyle for incremental policy changes which still allow him to continue his cooperation with ICE.

We reject this so-called “Sanctuary Resolution” because SB54, the California Values Act it refers to, is a floor, not a ceiling, for immigrant protection under the law.  It provides minimum guidelines and allows for a great deal of discretion.  It allows for Sheriff Doyle to act as judge, jury, and executioner as he continues to hand people over to ICE who have merely been charged, not even convicted, of a crime.

The Los Angeles Sheriff has ended all cooperation with ICE.  Why can’t Sheriff Doyle do the same?

Clearly the Supervisors heard nothing from our two TRUTH Act Forums, where community members demanded that the Sheriff stop cooperating with ICE, where stories of the fear and intimidation and trauma he creates by his cooperation with ICE were consistently repeated for hours.

This resolution does nothing other than restate current law, commend our Sheriff, and ask for policy reviews.  It does NOTHING and has no power.

It is clear that our county is unable and unwilling to take proactive and meaningful measures to provide true protection to Marin’s immigrant community and true oversight over the Sheriff.  Instead of passing this toothless resolution we ask that the Board of Supervisors support AB 1185, Kevin McCarty’s bill which would establish the guidelines for all counties in California to create community oversight commissions with subpoena power over the Sheriff.  This bill is on the Governor’s desk.  We have spoken of it often.  We demand that our supervisors write a letter of support to encourage the Governor to sign AB 1185 and then once it takes effect, establish this commission immediately. 

Matt Willis said it well on 6/3/20: (

“…people in this community, especially immigrants, have an understandable distrust in government, including public health, and may not have access to basic information in their own language.”

“These factors, the need to work everyday to make ends meet, living in crowded conditions, lack of access to healthcare and distrust of government support systems are structural.  They are preconditions that the virus is taking advantage of.  This is why I’m so concerned that we’ll see more spread because these problems are deep seated and not fixed overnight.  If structural racism led to the George Floyd murder, it is also accelerating the COVID-19 pandemic.”

By presenting a toothless resolution which commends the Sheriff and restates current law, the Board of Supervisors is showing that its support of Marin’s immigrant community only goes so far.  It is unwilling to challenge the system, and instead upholds one which is racist, discriminatory, and dangerous.  Shame on them.

Not only does the proposed “resolution” ignore our request for and Supervisor Rodoni’s promise to provide an Ordinance, but also this tepid resolution was written by the ad hoc committee of Supervisors Katie Rice and Dennis Rodoni without consultation with the immigrant community the resolution purports to protect.

The audacity of presuming to know the ways in which immigrants need to be protected and continuing a “top-down” policy is exactly the reason Marin County remains the most inequitable county in the state. This is not Sanctuary.  Naming this resolution a “Sanctuary Resolution” is a travesty. Calling it “Sanctuary” and then putting no changes into effect is mere sleight of hand.